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PopsNson and Friends Visit Citi Field To See The Mets

Posted by Beeker on June 20, 2010

PopsNson With The Original Mr. Met

Popsnson had visited Citi Field during it’s inaugaural season and were underwhelmed by the stadium and the lack of homage paid to the Mets. There was more of a focus on the Dodgers and Jackie Robinson than any of the glorious Mets teams of 1969 or 1986. With changes promised for the 2010 season Popsnson eagerly awaited their next Citi Field visit.

So when Shane happened to be visiting NY the same week as me, Shane, Dan, Dennis, Pops and I planned our 2010 Citi Field trip. We were looking forward to seeing the new Mets Hall of Fame and Museum and it didn’t disappoint We saw an original Mr. Met, old jersey’s, bats and tons of stuff from the 86 Mets. I was like a kid in a candy store or better yet a kid in orange and blue heaven. For all you Red Sox fan you should come check it out and watch the video of the 86 World Series and that classic game 6 Mets victory!!

After a quick stop at the Mets team store to pick up an Angel Pagan T-shirt who just happened to be my newest fantasy player(Eric will understand this purchase, go Beekers Bunch) it was time to watch the Mets take on the Padres.

After the Pads took a quick 1-0 Mike Pelfrey also on Beekers Bunch pitched a great game and kept the Mets in the game. Than Jose Reyes came up with a huge game tying HR and in extra innings Ike Davis’s blast gave the Mets the win.

It was a great night with good friends and we even got to see the Mets win the game. Maybe our next trip back will be for a playoff game, keep yours fingers crossed Mets fans.

FYI: The Sausage and Peppers were very disappointing and I will be enjoying them at Pac Bell, AT&T, whatever the hell it’s called Park in the near future instead.

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Post For Umass Blog

Posted by Beeker on April 19, 2010

Below was my post for the Umass Sports Business Blog that I write for.

I grew up Syracuse Orangemen (now Orange) fan since I was 7yrs old. My first introduction to Syracuse was watching the 1987 National Championship game against Indiana. From that point forward I bled orange and remember most big games since that time. With my fandom in full force I dragged my dad into being part of my misery. I also converted him into a Broncos fan the same year and signed him up for even more suffering that would now last from September all way through March. Yes there is a theme of Orange and Blue for my favorite teams.

My Umass Beginning:

It was the spring of 1996 when I got accepted to Umass and that March both Syracuse and Umass were in the Final Four. I was rooting for both teams but didn’t know who I would support in the title game if I had to pick. Unfortunately Umass lost to Kentucky and the Cuse wound up losing a close game to a Kentucky team that had 7 future NBA players on it (Can you name all the players without looking them up?). Than my freshmen year at Umass was the last time the Minutemen made the tournament and lost to a Larry Hughes St.Louis team. Since then there hasn’t been much Umass basketball to root for come March and I’ve remained a huge Syracuse fan through the years.

With that being said this past season by the Orange was a huge treat for me to follow and dream of another Final Four run. Knowing that it could be a special season I thought it would be the perfect time for my pops and I to see our first ever NCAA Tournament game. So the wheels started spinning on getting myself from San Francisco to Buffalo where the Cuse was destined to be for their 1st and 2nd round games (I was solely basing this by Joe Lunardi’s projectios).

Dad was a bit skeptical on the trip but I told him we had to do it and when else would the Cuse be a #1 seed. So off we went, I bought our tickets right after the Cuse became ranked #1, reserved our hotel and booked myself a flight. To help track our journey to Buffalo I decided to create a blog and report on the tourney and of course our sampling of Buffalo Wings or as they are called in Buffalo just wings. If you want a father and son first hand look at the tourney and our fun experiences in Buffalo check out

Maybe next year Umass will finally get back in the tournament especially if it’s expanded to 96 teams, Go Umass!!

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Post Butler Game Recovery Continues

Posted by Beeker on April 5, 2010

Without Pops and I there live to cheer on the Cuse they played their worst game of the year and had a pre-mature ending to their season. Pops and I spoke at half time and both thought the Cuse would come out strong and get their swagger back in the 2nd half and win a close game. We couldn’t believe how badly they were playing after how great they looked against Gonzaga.

I also spoke to Mikey who was a bit nervous that Butler stood a chance and could give the Cuse a hard time. I really didn’t think the Cuse would struggle like they did and was more than shocked that they lost. Immediately after the game Mikey and I spoke and both couldn’t believe that such a great season was now over. When in our lifetime would we see the Cuse be a number 1 seed again, have such an outstanding regular season and be a legit championship contender. It had been 20 years since they had a number 1 ranking during the regular season and even longer since being a #1 seed in the tournament.

Now that Butler has made it all the way to the Final I am not sure if this makes the loss harder or easier to take. Either way this felt like a special year and was tons of fun for Pops and I to follow. Our trip to Buffalo has made a 1st round tournamnt trip a mandatory father son trip every year now. Just hope we can plan it around seeing the Cuse. We should really thank our significant others for dealing with us and our mood swings during the entire basketball season, thank you thank you!!!!

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PopsNson Still Recovering!!

Posted by Beeker on March 29, 2010

Pops Was Ready But The Cuse Weren't

The Regular Season:

It’s been just about 76 hours since the Cuse loss to Butler in the sweet sixteen. I’ve finally brought myself to write about the game and Pops and my thoughts. Really I still don’t want to even think about it but what good is the blog if all we do is focus on the positive and not report the full story.

To think about the full story we should first realize the Syracuse had an outstanding season going 30-5 and winning the Big East regular season championship with a 15-3 conference record. No one can argue that the Big East was agreed upon by all experts as the toughest conference in the country. Jim Boeheim won Big East and National coach of the year and Wes Johnson won Big East player of the year, this was after sitting out an entire season when transferring from Iowa State. Sure he got to practice with the team but that still doesn’t qualify as Big East competition for the entire season.

It’s only fair to say that their regular season was a spectacular one and greater than anyone expected. That they provided all Cuse fans with entertaining basketball from their dominating performances at Madison Square Garden in the 2k Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic to senior night for Andy Rautins and Arinze Onuaku. Don’t forget they were also ranked #1 for 7 days before losing their last game of the year at Louisville.

The Post Season:

We’ve established that the Cuse had a great regular season. They gave all their fans a chance to dream about a Final Four berth and possible national championship. This is what a college hoops fan hopes for each season and the Cuse gave us an entire season full of dreams of dancing into the Final Four. This hope and belief is why the loss to Butler is so hard to take. For almost 5 months Pops, me and all Cuse fans bleed orange and lived to see the smile of Wes Johnson playing at The Garden, Scoop and Kris Joseph igniting the team off the bench and seeing our seniors AO and Andy look destined to bring another title to Syracuse.

When they lost to Georgetown in the Big East Tournament it wasn’t all that disappointing except for the major fact that we lost AO in that game. That eventually contributed a bit to the Butler loss but wasn’t the main reason for the loss.

When Pops and I watched them in Buffalo dominate Vermont and Gonzaga this showed they were playing well without AO and capable of still making the Final Four. Pops and I were feeling great about their chances against Butler and thought this Cuse team had the talent and mental make-up to handle a tough defensive minded Butler team.

What we didn’t think would happen was a complete lack of attention to detail and the carelessness of 18 turnovers. We could go into a multitude of reasons of why the Cuse lost but I’ll just say check out the Syracuse Standard for that instead.

What I would like to talk about in my next blog post is the conversations that Pops, my best buddy Mikey (also a lifelong Cuse fan) and I had. Check back to read about a fans reaction and how the loss has affected our lives over the last few days.

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Syracuse and Cornell Set Sights on Elite 8

Posted by Beeker on March 25, 2010

Both western NY teams will be in action tonight with Syracuse starting off in Salt Lake City against Butler and Cornell playing on the Orange home floor at the Carrier Dome against Kentucky. I am hearing that the crowds in Salt Lake City seem to have a lot of orange and I bet the dome will be packed for the Big Red.

If both teams keep up their hot shooting look for both to advance to the Elite 8. All I have to say is Lets Go Cuse and Go Big Red!!

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West Coast CBS Not Showing Syracuse Game

Posted by Beeker on March 25, 2010

On the west coast CBS is showing the 11 seed Washington vs 2 seed West Virginia. Even though this is a respectable game and has west coast followers for Washington, CBS has decided to show the game as “constant” meaning they won’t even switch in and out of the game to the Syracuse game. For me this means it’s time to find a bar and the DirecTV Mega March Madness. This is why for sports packages DirecTV is the best. For football season you need DirecTV and for March Madness you need it. These are the two must have sports packages and you need DirecTV to enjoy them.

Also this continues the trend of CBS just messing with Syracuse. They scheduled them to play at almost 10pmEST on Friday night and turn around and play by 12:30PMEST on Sunday. Than shipped the Cuse all the way to Salt Lake City for a Thursday game when Butler played Saturday and has had extra rest. I haven’t checked times for Saturdays games but maybe they will just schedule the Cuse for a Friday game with no rest. Come on NCAA (yes CBS controls game times but c’mmon), first you pick Duke as the overall 3rd seed than do everything possible to mess with the Cuse’s schedule. All of these issues don’t seem to affect the Orange and if anything just gets them playing and winning sooner.

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Onuaku Out Again

Posted by Beeker on March 25, 2010

Arinze Onuaku will not play again for the Cuse but Butler’s big men are more perimeter oriented so hopefully this will not hurt the Cuse. From all reports on the SU athletics site the Cuse appear to be loose and ready to play. Check out the video of Kris Joseph interviewing everyone on the flight to Salt Lake City. There is also a brief interview with Jim Boeheim.

As a long time Syracuse fan this team makes me believe more than most ever have. They play as a team and understand that their defense dictates everything. I am excited to watch them play again and wish I could have made it to Salt Lake City. Maybe a Final Four trip instead, keep your fingers crossed.

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Boeheim Wins National Coach Of The Year

Posted by Beeker on March 23, 2010

Jim Boeheim wins his first Naismith National Coach of The Year Award. He led an orange team that was un-ranked to start the season and has had them in the top 5 all year. After watching the Cuse first hand in Buffalo I can say I see the great job he has done.

In Buffalo the Cuse had to adjust without Arinze Onawaku and Boeheim made sure they were prepared. Wes is proving why he was Big East player of the year, Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine are showing why they won six man of the year awards. Last but nit least Brandon Triche is back to form as an all Big East Rookie.

Keeping up the blog while on the plane right now, haha…

Boeheim Wins National Coach Of The Year

Cuse Getting Ready For Butler

Posted by Beeker on March 23, 2010


The Cuse won’t enjoy this type of support in Salt Lake City but I expect them to play with the same intensity. Butler will be a good test against the zone but if Wes and Andy keep it up than no one can stop the Cuse. Check out some links below to see what everyone is saying about the game.

Syracuse and Kentucky Look like the favorites now

Read About The Cuse Favored Over Butler

Syracuse Dominates Gonzaga 87-65

Posted by Beeker on March 21, 2010

Syracuse dominated this game led by Wes Johnson and Andy Rautins. Wes had a career High 31 and Andy had 24.

The Cuse played as well as they could and built the lead up to 30. They move on to play Butler on Thursday in Salt Lake City. Go Cuse!!